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8000 classified garbage cans, sent to the doorway of the farmer's house

8000 classified garbage cans, sent to the doorway of the farmer's house

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"Leaves, leftovers, into the" compost area "as organic fertilizer after returning to. The milk box, cans, put into the blue trash, waiting for recycling......" Sorting rubbish at home is Huang Bilan's "compulsory course" every day.
The living conditions in rural areas have been gradually improved, and the amount of garbage is increasing. From the beginning of June 2013, Shifeng District in rural areas to promote the pilot garbage classification, let the villagers consciously participate in implementation of waste reduction and recycling of resources, keep the beautiful countryside.
Nowadays, the villagers like Huang Bilan have adapted to the life style of the garbage classification. The garbage is no longer the "free walk" in the front of the house.
Villagers have formed the habit of sorting rubbish.
Huang Bilan is Tongluowan Street Xia Wan Village Shifeng District villagers, she said that in the past, the villagers refuse are dumped, peel, waste paper, plastic bags, waste batteries piled up at random in a block, the mountain of garbage everywhere. "The garbage heap is high and burning directly, the smell is very sharp, far can be smelled."
After the garbage classification was carried out, the street staff placed two garbage cans at her door and informed the classification standards.
From then on, Huang Bilan began to sort out the garbage, as small as a button - big battery, and she would sort it out.
"The garbage bin is placed at the door of the house. No effort is made. In case of breakage, the street workers will be replaced free of charge." Huang Bilan told reporters, Recyclable garbage every month, people pick, direct money; Unrecyclable garbage by the cleaning staff to collect to the roadside garbage collection storage box, again by the garbage truck uniform removal.
Reporters saw that in the village, the two white trash bins of blue and white were placed at the door of every household, storing recyclable garbage and non recyclable garbage respectively.
In nearby Ishimura, villagers He Haifa on the edge of farmland before his own door, dug a about 2 cubic meters of "compost area", in the leaves, peel, ash, are stacked on the inside, after about 6 months, garbage can be turned into organic fertilizer, the nitrogen phosphorus and potassium content are high, vegetables are particularly good."
"Garbage classification is done to become a habit." Huang Bilan was happy to see that the Xia Wan new village changed his face.
Good garbage classification, the highest award of 2000 yuan
This change began in June 2013. At that time, the District Urban Management Bureau to the urban and rural environmental treatment, in rural pilot promotion of garbage, garbage disposal by the villagers themselves Recyclable, can make use of garbage returning use, Unrecyclable garbage cleaning company uniform removal by harmless treatment.
"At the beginning, there is no bottom in my heart. After all, the garbage classification is not perfect in the city." Shifeng District Urban Management Bureau appraisal office director Xiao Jun said.
The street staff and village cadres do the work, make the wall propaganda column, give out the proposal, and add the garbage sorting bucket free of charge. By giving special calendars and schematic drawings, the classification knowledge of garbage is popularized.
"A one-time investment of about 4000000 yuan, and the purchase of 6 garbage transfer vehicles." Xiao Jun said that after the implementation of the garbage classification, the villagers agree that this kind of identity has gradually changed into action.
In the first year of the pilot extension, the Bureau, based on the requirements of urban and rural Tongzhi examination, carried out the Yaohao Award for the farmers who were clean and clean before and after the house cleaning, and the highest bonus was 2000 yuan.