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Taizhou: the classification of rural garbage set off a "green revolution"

Taizhou: the classification of rural garbage set off a "green revolution"

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The "three treatment" of rural domestic waste classification, that is, reduction, innocuity and resourceful disposal, is the key short board for the construction of "beautiful Taizhou" and the important content of comprehensive improvement of rural environment. The beginning of 2014, I set off all over the city garbage classification "three" to deal with the "green revolution", now the "green revolution" not only bring more Jamie village, there are more civilized life philosophy...
"Money can be sold, variable fertilizer can be rotten, harmful concentration is good, the rest is drained, the door in the three county village, garbage disposal has become a daily habit of villagers...
The three door door county village villagers Wu Weilin: "soy sauce bottle, nylon paper, these things (not belong) decay, if Steamed Rice left, vegetables, is rotten."
The cleaning staff will classify and recycle every household's garbage. If we scan the two-dimensional code, we can know clearly about the garbage classification effect and weight of the villagers.
Three county door village cleaners Wang Qichan: "every household is rotten to scan, garbage collection can not be decomposed into yellow (barrel), capable of rotting garbage (recovery to green)."
Garbage disposal and accurate classification is the key. In the Fengyang village of Chengjiang street, Huangyan, the mode of garbage classification plus sweet points has aroused the enthusiasm of villagers participating in garbage classification.
Huangyan District Chengjiang Street Feng Yang Village Ni Jinhua: "garbage make up a good, a good environment, we have two individual points life activities."
Jin Jianguo, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Chengjiang street in Huangyan District, said: "the whole Fengyang village has been deeply rooted in the garbage classification, and the sense of civilization of the entire villagers has been greatly improved."
The source of waste classification in place, collected the rubbish where to go? The Chengjiang street is the Huangyan orange, Myrica rubra, wild rice, sugar producing areas, can waste more rotten. Local investment about 500000 yuan, completed processing center of waste resource will be decomposed garbage into the organic fertilizer is also cultivated in yutian. In the three door, the waste resource utilization center of Jian Zhi town is also a successful pilot, which can realize the harmless, reduced and resource-based treatment of garbage.
Three county Jiantiao town waste resource utilization center equipment supplier Zhang Zhengqiang: "after the broken extrusion dehydration, and then enter the fermentation fermentation, the final output of organic fertilizer after fermentation / cut, it can be a reduction rate of 90%.".