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Taizhou: garbage classification assisting beautiful countryside construction

Taizhou: garbage classification assisting beautiful countryside construction

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Taizhou in August is full of green vitality
Adjacent to the city, the beautiful village hidden in between the mountain, such as fishing song under the moonlight, salvaged a eternal summer, like a spreading in nature between the scrolls, with endless scenery, there are endless stretches of customs, Cangshan, swaying trees, simple. The farmhouse, fixed in the village green trees together, Aoyama Guo oblique large scroll, full of new life。
"See the mountain, see the water, remember the homesickness" in the beautiful countryside, clean beauty is the first premise。
With the continuous development of rural garbage classification, Taizhou's experience of pulling up benchmarks, striving for the first place, developing fission, catching up and surpassing cities and counties has created unique local experience in Taizhou. In the province to put forward to the end of 2017, the basic realization of the city's administrative villages in rural living garbage reduction resource harmlessness ("three") with the goal of full coverage, and strive to build the working mechanism of the reduction, to explore the diversified treatment mode, and strive to achieve the rural garbage reduction resource harmlessness, Duocuobingju, sonorous forward, help the construction of the beautiful countryside, to build the "spirit and the holy land, Watertown, manufacturing" has laid a good foundation for the development of new energy savings.
Innovative mechanism for the whole people to create a beautiful country
Good design, let the garbage disposal have widely involved people. In order to promote the effective classification of "rural living garbage three process across Taizhou Duocuobingju, innovation system and methods, better lead the local people into the green garbage classification, starting from changing the concept, guide the rural new life style improvement, efforts to create a positive attitude towards life.
"Compared to the city, the countryside is a more attention to human society, than learning to catch atmosphere is very strong, so the Party cadres for grid management link, can be good to help the villagers together in response to the call to participate in garbage processing operations, to achieve a multiplier effect." Taizhou City Office of the relevant responsible person said
Grid management, let the garbage classification deal with real, and fall to the individual. First of all, the city of Taizhou from the township (street) level, according to the work area division, specifically to implement the leaders in charge of linked contact area and village garbage classification "three"; secondly, the village level, 10~15 per household as a unit of grid, grid group, specifically appointed by the grid grid, is responsible for the supervision of farmers the implementation of the formation of village cadres in charge of the leadership - - long - grid farmers cascade supervision system. In this way, business training is carried out to improve the management level and classification quality of the classification and reduction of rural domestic waste. For example, Luqiao District Peng Jie Zhen Shang Village through the implementation of "party list" system, in order to promote garbage classification work, the village Party branch to strictly implement the main responsibility of the work branch, rational division of labor to 29 Party branch members of each body, ensure waste bins, garbage processing field has been put into use all kinds of village public the infrastructure is party lump sum, tracking, maintenance, forming a harmonious atmosphere, the masses of Party members to participate in the national response, jointly build a happy home
At the same time, the "source traceability" work method is implemented to further ensure the implementation of the system. The garbage bags distributed to farmers or trash one by one number, the cleaning staff in the collection process, detailed examination of household garbage classification source, the classification is not scientific or not complete, in accordance with the number of corresponding farmers, classify and explain and evaluation on the score, effectively enhance the quality and standard of classification