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Aided by computer dyeing, we adopt imported master batch for re-granulation and well mixing before injection molding. The raw materials, added with uvioresistant agent, are colorfast, non-toxic, tasteless and acid-resisting and can be recycled. The barrel head is equipped with plastic trundles that ensure free moving. The barrel cover has plastic handles that ensure easy handling. 

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Import Masterbatch

Nontoxic & Acid Resistance

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Choosing imported masterbatch, computer coloring, adding anti ultraviolet light to brown in raw material, nontoxic, tasteless and acid resistance, can be recycled.


Taizhou: garbage classification assisting beautiful countryside construction
Taizhou in August is full of green vitality. Adjacent to the city, the beautiful village hidden in between the mountain, such as fishing song under the moonlight, salvaged a eternal summer, like a sp
2017-11-06 18:53
Taizhou: the classification of rural garbage set off a "green revolution"
The "three treatment" of rural domestic waste classification, that is, reduction, innocuity and resourceful disposal, is the key short board for the construction of "beautiful Taizhou" and the importa
2017-11-06 18:51
8000 classified garbage cans, sent to the doorway of the farmer's house
"Leaves, leftovers, into the" compost area "as organic fertilizer after returning to. The milk box, cans, put into the blue trash, waiting for recycling......"
2017-11-09 17:47

In order to make the quality of the product better, we strictly control every link.
In the wild in the trash in the manufacturing industry catch up from behind


Our company covers a floor space of over 20,000 sq. meters at a favorable location for transport and has more than ten large and medium-sized injection molding machines (1,000g to 50,000g) as well as a team of highly qualified technical professionals, which invest us with powerful strength in product design and development. Adhering to the corporate spirit of “harmony, innovation, market expansion, solidarity and progress” and the quality policy of “pursuit of excellent quality and winning customers’ trust”...

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